How does the App Work?

The app uses digital scrum cards and follows a simple but effective system


Open the app to choose an avatar and nickname.

Scrumpanion agile poker home
Scrum poker app pocess
Create a Team Space by pressing on the plus and entering a name for your Awesome Team.

 Enter your Team Space.

Blue is for team spaces you have created.

Grey is for team spaces you are a guest at.

Single user space we use mainly for development purposes or voting if we are together.

Scrumpanion agile Team Space screen
Scrumpanion Enter your team space screen
Invite your team by clicking on the invite button and sharing the invite link on any communication channel. 


You can invite your team members on any communication platform avalilable on your mobile device.


How big is you next task? Estimate Story points with scrum poker
Your team members will see the following message.

Choose the type of your estimation for now we offer:

Scrum Poker

Effort Estimation

Delegate Tasks

Happiness Index

The chosen card set is lit green.

Scrum poker guide
Scrum poker guide
Preferably the Scrum Master/Delegate

starts the estimation-anyone has the right.

Remember, the Scrum master does not vote only assists you. If you need further advice on voting, read our 6 TOP TIPS to change your Scrum Team’s life immediately.

If your team mates are joining the estimation on a computer they will see this screen on their device. The screen shows

The name of the team space


options to vote

Card types


A small descrtiption on the usage is written in the yellow bubble ( Yellow, as our Leader, – Balázs – is always highlighting all thing important in life with yellow).


Scrum Happiness Index

Scroll for choosing scrum cards.

Double tap on the card of your choice.

Scrum Happiness Index

When the scrum card is chosen the Scrum Master can finish the voting.

Check the pie chart together for the votes and This is my favorite part! This is the first time we see the result of the vote. We discuss the results and administrate results in JIRA if needed.
Scrum Story
Scrum Team

Have what you need to achieve more

Securely estimate fast, lightweight, remotely.

Connect your global team!

Connect international teams, regardless of time and place.

 Manage multiple teams

You can create multiple team spaces for cross functional management;

a team space can host up to 100 users.




Oh, hi. Nice to meet you!  We look forward to being in touch.

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