it always starts with WHY

We are a tight-knit software development company with over twenty years of experience in IT projects for large customers, specializing in (though not limited to) the automotive and retail industry. We have been using an agile approach for several years and are very convinced of the benefits of this working style based on feedback from our clients and team.

Our developers are located in different continents, which has made us experts when it comes to working remotely which is more crucial now than ever. Through our own experience, we learned the challenges that distributed agile working can entail and we decided to develop an app to support us in our meetings and communication.

This is how Scrumpanion was born, our very own app that we use to measure our happiness in the team weekly, and that helps us estimate our backlog stories. We also included Delegation Poker as a feature to help facilitate decision-making processes. We are proud of the tool we’ve created and it’s our pleasure to share this app with other teams to help them work more smoothly with their agile approach, both remotely and together on site.

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