We all aspire to be quicker and releasing faster than ever before when developing software. Focusing on feedback from stakeholders from start to finish in the development process, agile is found to be a speedier development method. It’s also more effective in the way that it allows and encourages changing requirements. As a team starting Scrum, you will be facing several changes in project management. We have collected the basics to help you begin managing an Agil Project with Scrum.

Scrum is an agile framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex software development. In simple terms, Scrum is a unique agile method for delivering highly complex and iterative products. Scrum relies on strategic decision making and continuous feedback placing involved parties on the same level, shifting decision making to where information is. In Scrum, meetings and ceremonies are essential.

Scrum Framework

Scrum framework gives a structure in which your team is delivering work. Sets clear visions and features and prioritizes them in order of their importance to a business or organization ergo your customer. The elements are being dealt with according to customer requirements. The method does not alienate the customer restricting the position as an outsider but by involving a customer representative, called the product owner.

Time Management

In Scrum, everything evolves around managing time efficiently. Time is assigned to a team sufficient for the completion of all the features that have been set.

This time is usually called a sprint, and it extends to no more than four weeks. The team responsible for managing a given project works within the provided time developing features. Tasks are estimated by the team collectively. Several useful tools help estimation meetings. Scrumpanion mobile and web application is a sleek solution for your team to start with estimations. An often used timeframe is working in two-week sprints and planning accordingly. Once work commences, the group is protected from interruptions; there are no new tasks added on top of the agreed features.

Task Focus

Identifying a two-week goal is to help the team focus on their desired goal. Once a sprint backlog is set, there are no possible changes that can be made to ensure agile project management is a success. If anything of such kind arises, the team reserves the issue to handle it in the next sprint.

A given sprint comes with keen and consistent checks through meetings. These meetings are being used to discuss what each team member has done, focuses on what they are planning next, and the strategies for achieving what they propose.

The team collects feedback and identifies factors that can be improved in the next sprint. As members are openly talking about their experience in the past sprint with transparency.

Roles and Responsibilities

Scrum involves three significant roles.


Usually, the team consists of an average of 7 persons responsible for the product. Their principal role is delivering the product. They are freely choosing their daily commitments and talking about daily tasks in the DS (daily standups).

The ScrumMaster

The ScrumMaster is responsible for keeping processes and taking care of all the team’s issues. He ensures team communication, leads discussions, eliminates setbacks, and ensures reporting is done outside the organization.

Product Owner

A customer representative, making decisions on behalf of the customer and gives guidance on the product, and provides answers to queries related to the product.

Aids for Scrum Development

A Team can decide on the applications and devices to help them manage projects. We as a team recommend two.

Atlassian JIRA

With the help of JIRA ( @atlassian-jira ), you can “Plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects”. You will be able to customize your workflow, collaborate, and adapt to changes quickly. https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/atlassian-jira/


Scrumpanion is a small mobile and web application you can use to estimate storypoints, delegate tasks, and measure happiness in a team. Letting your team work more effectively on every level within a project.

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ulassa.app&hl=en_US

For IOs: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ulassa/id1435870590

If you like to know more simply email scrumteam@beskgroup.com or visit http://www.scrumpanion.com .


Scrum is a powerful method for your team to ensure faster delivery of the most complex and outstanding products. The whole process is focused on meetings and ceremonies to make sure to use time effectively with the team’s freedom to take responsibility together and pick tasks sprint by sprint. Still, the most compelling aspect of Scrum is that it is adaptive to change too quickly. There is no doubt that Scrum can be applied to any project to help overcome obstacles and advocate transparency in project management.