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Scrumpanion X Agile Heroes

If you want to learn more about our company values, the development of Scrumpanion, and our experiences with agility, then listen to the podcast episode of Agile Heroes to get a better insight into our company life.

Who votes?

Make sure that the members who are voting are actively involved in the project. We find it the most accurate if only the members working on a particular task vote and discuss. They have the most knowledge about the requirements to be fulfilled.

Let your team be heard.

Scrum Poker helps team members to reach a consensus on even on the hardest questions of the project. Team members work together and discuss project-specific important matters early in the project. We find that if every member takes part in the discussion, creative ideas thrive.

Take a step back.

Sometimes to have a resolution, you have to step back and have fresh eyes on the subject. If the team is too involved, we make sure to have a break. As we are a remote team, we use these breaks to have a virtual Fika with coffee and small talk.

Be Agile. Be quick.

The Scrumpanion app will help you to make the estimation quick and sharp and ensures a flawless process with instant results. We recommend a 1 minute window for those with the highest and lowest score to tell their opinions before the final vote that settles the end result. Discussions can go up to 5 minutes at a maximum at a time.

What is Scrumpanion?

The Scrumpanion app is a digital solution for making a group of globally distributed Developers, Scrum Masters, Stakeholders, and Product Owners, into a strong, motivated team who all pull together.

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Create multiple team spaces for cross-functional management; a team space can host up to 100 users. Connect international teams, regardless of time and place. Delegate tasks to your team and work together.

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